Select one or more of the following services:


Plants - Refresh


If the layout of your garden works well for you but you are unhappy with the look or durability of your plant selection, perhaps you need to Refresh your planting scheme.


This option involves an on-site consult and provides you with a planting layout and list of plants which should thrive. A plant Refresh will change the look and feel of your garden, in addition to reducing water use and maintenance requirements.


Plant refresh plans are available for as little as $295.00.


All other services are charged at an hourly rate.


Plants & Materials - Orders


You can source your own plants, or we can do it for you. Most plants can be obtained through us below RRP. We can order, select, collect and deliver ready for you to  plant.


We can also source a range of landscape materials, pots, screens and features at trade prices.

Garden Design - Initial Consultation


​If you are not satisfied with your current garden layout or you don't have one, you need a Garden Design. 


To achieve the best possible outcome it is vital to understand your requirements. This involves a site visit to discuss how you use your garden and how much time you want to spend on maintenance, as well as your style preferences and budget.


The first hour of the Initial Consultation is free.


Garden Design - Site Analysis


A Site Analysis encompasses many different aspects, including but not limited to:

  • site dimensions and elevations

  • drainage and water capture

  • orientation and shading

  • overlooking and sightlines

  • access and amenities

  • services (sewer, stormwater etc.)

  • soil composition


Depending on your site the services of a surveyor may be required.



Garden Design - Concept Plan


A Concept Plan provides a scaled layout for the garden space and shows constructed elements such as retaining or feature walls, paving and garden edging, decking, trellis or fencing. Material suggestions are included. A planting guide is provided. Lighting and water features may be specified.


The Concept Plan includes all the information required to obtain quotes from a licensed landscape constructor.


Follow Up Consultation


All Garden Design Concept Plans include a complimentary Follow Up Consultation 12 months after your garden is finished. 


At this time you may be completely satisfied with your new paradise! Or, there may be some things you're not sure about. How do I prune this bush? Can I replace this plant with something else? Where can I make space for a trampoline? A visit from your designer can answer these questions.